Included domain registration, web hosting, email accounts (email) and supervision.

A website is the image that the user wishes to display.

The question before starting the construction of a website is what aspect of myself, my professional activities and the product I would like to present and what is the purpose of my website?

Conventional Html websites have the advantage of easy and efficient search engine rankings, showing a wide range of products are updated at regular intervals, but the disadvantage is that they have a solid and remain more or less static.

The websites use Flash animation / visual effects (animation) and present a new, dynamic and therefore vivid visual image. The flash technology is recommended for sites related to the arts, but the optimization of their position in search engines (SEO) is quite difficult.

I advice you and find solutions tailored to your needs.


The blog allows regular updates and requires no special computer knowledge.

Blogs are suitable for people working in journalism, for personal use and for groups of people working collaboratively and collectively (mass organizations or clubs). The construction of the graphics and the potential commercial development require a program of support we can offer you.

The personalization of your blog also includes domain name and creating recognizable icon (favicon).

Transform your catalogues, magazines or reports into an online publication.

The features are search box, sharing, print, virtual unlimited zoom, notes, bookmark and thumbnails.

A real online catalogue!